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Integrate our data or use workflow services to connect your software with our users

Pricing & Fundamentals

Cash Pricing

Global coverage of physical commodity pricing is available for integration.

Pricing Network

Through our partners, we work to make the global Ag, Energy, Food, and Freight markets more transparent.


Access cmdtyStats, the leading database for global commodity fundamental data.


Access our economic calendar focused on the events which impact the commodity trading community.

Workflow Connections


Support physical commodity trading in your platform by tapping into our user network.


Allow your users to interact with our community of grain buyers at agribusinesses throughout North America.


Coming soon. Leverage our connectivity into ERP systems to sync user data across platforms.


Coming soon. Facilitate the delivery of legally binding contracts to your producer community.

Need Data?

Take a look at our coverage to see why Barchart is the leader in market data delivery across the global financial and commodity markets.

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